WordPress Dog Breeder Theme

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WordPress Dog Breeder Theme

Let me break down a WordPress dog breeder Theme. 
A WordPress Theme is the look and style of the website. 
It is made up of files, codes, CSS custom style sheets. 
Sounds complicated it is if your not a tech whizz. 
You need to install a Theme on a WordPress website. But that’s not it 

How to build a WordPress Website

You will need to understand how to use WordPress before you start.
Then you will need 

After successfully setting all this up then you can add your content to the website.
Which is your photos and writing. 

This is exactly how a WordPress website is made.
To keep this simple all a WordPress Dog Breeder Theme is, is a complicated coded Theme for WordPress with dog and puppy photos on it. 
If you don’t understand WordPress you will find building a dog breeder website with WordPress hard. 
Building a dog breeder website or any website with WordPress requires you to use web designers and developers tools. 

WordPress V SmugMug

Spot the difference below between the two photos. 
One website is made with WordPress and one is made with SmugMug
The only real difference between the two photos is that one website is really easy to make and the other isn’t.
SmugMug is dead easy to use. You can easily build a website with SmugMug without any codes or installing anything on the WordPress list.
SmugMug is an all in one simple to use website package. All you need to do is add your content the photos and text (the writing). It really is that easy, and doesn’t cost much either.
When you build your dog breeder website you need to use your own photos. A dog breeder website can not have stock photos on it. The photos need to be real, your real photos of your dogs. 

dog breeder wordpress theme
WordPress Dog Breeder Theme

How to make a dog breeder website

Take a look at my free guide how to build a dog breeder website using SmugMug.
SmugMug is a photographers website built for photographers to easily store, share and sell photos. 

You don’t need to have a baby to buy a baby monitor for your puppies. Using a photographers website builder for your dogs website is the same thing. You don’t need to be a photographer to use SmugMug for your website.

The Power plan with SmugMug is just a website. This is perfect for building a dog breeder website with, and you can use one of their free website templates too.
If you have never built a website before start here >>>  
If you want to know the answer to the two photos. Which is built with WordPress and which with is built with SmugMug click here >>> 

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