7 Ways to save money off camera gear

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Looking for ways to save money off camera gear, take a look below in this post for some money saving ideas

Want or need?

One the best ways to save money off camera gear or to get an affordable camera kit. Is to work out what you need rather than think about how you can buy what you want. Which may be the latest mirrorless camera with the fastest frame rate or the best lens in the range. When you work out what you need from a camera or lens to do a job it can then be easier to realise you don’t need to spend a fortune.

Special offers

Once you have an idea of what you need, start by looking at the actual retail price of the item then work from there. Take a look online for any special offers, I start by looking at WEX photo video in the UK for any special offers they may have on selected cameras and lenses.

Trade in old camera gear

If you have any old camera gear, think about trading it in this will help save money off your new camera kit. Depending what you have to trade in you may be surprised how much money you can make from it towards the new camera gear you want to buy.

MPB is fantastic for trading in or just selling old cameras and lenses. You can get a bank transfer for your old gear then spend the money towards what you want somewhere else.  Links below to MBP to sell, trade in or buy used camera gear.

Buy used camera gear

I find the best way to save money off camera gear is to buy used. By buying used camera gear you can save hundreds of pounds. I use WEX or MPB for used camera gear,  both MPB and WEX photograph and grade the cameras, lenses or any other photography kit which they have listed on their websites. This way you get a true idea of what you are buying and you can save loads of money off any photography gear. I have dog photography images using used Canon lenses on the blog post Best lens for dog photography here >

Open box

Wex in the UK have physical retail shops as well as online stores which sell brand new cameras and lenses. But they also have returns which sometimes end up in the used section of their website usually listed as MO mail order return. These items are pretty much brand new items at a reduced price. Worth a look to save more money off and grab a bargain. 

ways to save money off camera kit


Importing the latest digital cameras, mirrorless cameras and lenses from China always seems too good to be a true deal. They usually are, which I have fallen for this one in the past. I bought a digital camera from China to save £300 on the UK price but it cost £400 to get the camera fixed. So not such a great idea as many find out. Maybe not the best way to save money off camera gear.

Buy a package

Buying a photography package, with a camera, lenses, a battery and a memory card is a great way to get started into photography. But also a great way of saving money off your photography kit. Take a look at photography packages and see if you will save money by trading in items from the package which you don’t need to bring down the price of what you do need even more.

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