Union Jack Furniture

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Wondering how to paint a Union Jack on furniture? I created my own Union Jack furniture by using a furniture rub on transfer from Prima redesign called London Love. The Union Jack flag within the transfer pack is like a wood grain effect and gives a real vintage Union Jack feel to the furniture. Also in the pack there are 3 Union Jack hearts, 2 stamps (like UK stamps from the postoffice) these have the Queens head on and the background is a Union Jack. A red phone box, a British Bulldog and a few other furniture transfers.   

Photoshop on furniture

I am so in love with what you can create using furniture transfers. If your a creative or a photoshop fan you will understand this, using the transfers are like using photoshop on furniture. You can layer the transfers and create anything with the right furniture transfers mixed together with the right composition. Obviously you can’t press cmd z and start again though if you make a mistake!!  The transfers are mega sticky too.

Union Jack vibe

As well as photographing dogs I am also a dog groomer in the UK. My dog grooming salon has a Union Jack vibe in there already with the Union Jack cushions and the grooming tool box. The Union Jack is bright, bold, makes a great backdrop for the groomed dogs photo’s. It makes it clear on the website and on social media where I am from straight away to the visitors to the website from other countries.  

Vintage Union Jack furniture

What started out as a quick “I’ll make some Union Jack furniture for my dog grooming room”. Has now turned into a total masterpiece I’ve created using the furniture transfers, they are so nice.

Upcycling furniture

I already had two pieces of old furniture I had bought second hand a while ago. The circular tallboy was £50, and the cupboard was £40. After upcycling my old Oak dresser I thought I’d give these two a go with the Union Jack flag design and use them for storage in the dog grooming salon. 

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