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The Guild Of Photographers Awards Night Crewe

award winning dog photography

2nd February 2019

The Guild Of Photographers Awards Night, Crewe Hall

The yearly event of the Guild of Photographers awards night held at Crewe Hall is always a good night, you get to meet up with friends you haven’t seen in ages, there is a room full of amazing talented photographers and you can put faces to names of those whose work you have admired throughout the year.

On the night you find out who the overall ‘Photographer Of The Year’ from the image of the month competition is from the past year with the most points from all of the Gold, Silver & Bronze awarded, who the category winners are, runners up and who has achieved their ‘Photographers Bar’. 

Image of The Month Competition

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS From The Guild Of Photographers

Points are awarded to images entered into our ‘Image of the Month’ competition and the photographers getting the highest total of points in each section from any 8 months of the year (or less) will become the Guild’s ‘Photographer of the Year’ or a ‘Top 10’ photographer for that category (eg ‘Wedding Photographer of the Year’) – subject to a minimum 6 months entry in that section Members can enter as many images as they want to the competition of course, but a maximum of 3 images per section can earn them points in that categories Title chase, to make it fair to everyone. .If an entrant does submit more than 3 images in a category, they are required to identify the 3 selections to be awarded points towards the titles with the available ‘Tag’ at the time of submission. If no selections are made by an entrant, the first three images submitted (as numbered by the upload process) will be the ones to accrue the points


For the purpose of the Photographer of the Year Title chases, the points awarded to Image of the Month entries are as follows – Platinum – 10 points, Gold – 7 points, Silver – 4 points, Bronze – 2 points.

A bonus of 2 points will be awarded to images selected as one of the Judges ‘Images of the Month’ and the overall monthly winner (ie the ‘Image of the Month’) will get a bonus of 3 points (obviously these bonus points do not apply to any images not pre-selected as Photography of the Year Title Chase entries by an entrant who submits more than 3 images in a genre within the same month).

Your points from 8 months of the calendar year will be combined to determine your final score in the Title chase of the sections you have entered. If you enter more than 8 months in the year, your highest scoring 8 months will be the ones that count. In the event where photographers obtain the same number of points at the end of the year – If more than one person gets the same points at the end of the year the one who obtained those points with less entries than the other(s) will be the winner. If they have entered the same number of images, there will then be a count back of the actual scores/points awarded to their chosen images by the judges, during their best scoring 8 months (excluding bonus points). The one with higher such score will be deemed to be the winner. If still drawn at this point the position will be declared drawn. The minimum criteria for a ‘Top 10’ Award is 18 points from at least 18 images selected for entry during 6 months.

Throughout 2018 I entered the image of the month competition every month for the 10 months which the competition runs, mainly dog images were entered into the open category, a few from events, clients images, and some of my own dogs.

Over the year I managed to gain 36 points with Bronze and Silver Awards which was plenty to gain my Photographers Bar and sounds a pretty easy task, but believe me it’s not as easy as it seems. 

Your images entered have to be taken within a certain time frame, they all have to be from the same category, you have to have entered at least 8 months into the competition thats just a few of the rules.  A long year of hard work goes in, and you are still not sure if you have done everything correct for your ‘Photographers Bar’ until your name is called out on the night of the awards.

award winning dog photography

I was so very happy on Saturday night when my name was called and I was awarded with my Photographers Bar by Lesley Thirsk a Director of the Guild.

The Photographers Bar

Becoming a member of the Photographer’s Bar is a unique distinction awarded to those photographers who have had images assessed by the Guild via the Image of the Month competition over the course of a competition year, attaining a score the equivalent of a point for each entry made. In other words any member who can secure 24 points in one section of the Photography of the Year Title chases from 24 images in any 8 months of the same competition year (ie your chosen 3 Photographer Of The Year images X 8 Months in the same category) will be awarded honorary life membership of the ‘Photographer’s Bar’ in order to acknowledge the fact they have submitted strong images consistently throughout the year in competition judged in accordance with national scoring criteria – a distinction that is very difficult to achieve!!

Interested in joining the Guild Of Photographers?

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When you become a member of the Guild Of photographers as well as being able to enter the monthly photo competitions (at an extra cost) they have so much else to offer including their Facebook community, mentoring,  qualifications, a monthly magazine, discounts from their trade partners and so much more.  

If you are really interested in joining the Guild follow the link below to read more or visit the Guild website and you will get 10% off the Guild of Photographers membership.


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