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Dog Photographer Rebecca Goutorbe

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Dog photography studio

Studio dog photography 1 hour sessions are at Tansley, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 5ND the dog photography studio is within my dog grooming salon. One end of the room is the dog grooming area and the other end of the room is the brown wall which we use as a photography backdrop. By using the wall there is no backdrop stands for your dog to trip over or send flying.

Flash photography

Using the brown wall works well for dog photography, I do use flash photography in the studio too, just so you are aware of that when booking. There is hardly any natural light in the studio which does work well for photography it’s like a dungeon in there. But I can really control the lighting in the area and create some amazing dog photography for you.

Studio dog photography prices 2023

Studio dog photography prices and more details coming soon.

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dogs photography
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dogs photography

How it works after booking

Step 1

After booking the studio photo shoot we can set a date.

Step 2

We will discuss the type of shots you have in mind

Step 3

The location is 143 Brookfield Way, Tansley, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 5ND

Step 4

The photo shoot

Step 5

About a two weeks after the photo shoot you will receive a link to your private online gallery.

Step 6

A range of professional products are also available to purchase after you have received your online gallery.
Including, professional prints, wall art, keep sakes and photography packages these can be purchased directly from your private online gallery of images.


When working with dogs anything is possible to go right or wrong. Only once has a dog decided she really didn't like the flash. This was probably because she was with one of her puppies which was about 8 weeks of age. Bitches after a litter do tend to be sensitive so this probably was the reason. There is always outdoor dog photography to try if this happens, just a short walk down the hill there is a wood walk and fishing pond.   

Outdoor dog photography at Tansley Matlock, Derbyshire. 

studio dog photography
studio dog photography
studio dog photography
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