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Disclaimer – This website contains affiliate links to the products and services SmugMug offer, you won’t pay any more for the products or services they offer but I may get a commission Thank you  


There are so many reasons why I have and do use SmugMug websites. In the past I used their photo websites for my pet business and my show dogs breeder website. Take a look at my review for more information.

SmugMug Photographers Websites

Read about what SmugMug is, who its for and what they are about. How they can help you sell images, prints and photographic products easily online in no time at all. How you don’t have to build an online shop to start making money from your photography with SmugMug.

SmugMug set up guide

Ready to set up your own SmugMug website? Follow my step by step guide to get started. You can try out SmugMug free for 14 days. 

SmugMug Customisation

A guide to customising a SmugMug website. How easy it is to change the colour of the background or ‘The Theme’ of the website. The layout, using a SmugMug template. Create a stunning photo website easily.

Connect a custom domain to SmugMug

You don’t need a domain name when you have a SmugMug website. If have your own custom domain name and want to connect it to your SmugMug website you can do this but you need a Power, Portfolio or Pro account to do so. If you want to buy a custom domain name for your website use GoDaddy to purchase the domain. Using GoDaddy domain names is the easiest way to connect it up to SmugMug.

SmugMug template customisation

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