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SmugMug tutorials by Dog Photographer Rebecca Goutorbe.
Beginner or advanced, there is always something new to learn. 

SmugMug review UK

 I have used SmugMug photography websites for over 6 years now. One for photography, one for my show dogs website and one I used as a dog grooming business website.
I am not a SmugMug expert but I know where a lot of the settings are and how to make money from your photography online using a SmugMug website.

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There are blog posts and SmugMug tutorial video’s here with more video’s coming soon.
If you can’t find the answer here there is always the SmugMug hero’s (SmugMug’s support).
To find SmugMug support go to – the question mark in the top bar, top right on your SmugMug website.

More SmugMug tutorials video’s will be coming weekly.

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Most popular video for customising SmugMug

How to customise the SmugMug website template Arrow
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New for 2022
Step by step guide how to build a photography portfolio website using a SmugMug template 

SmugMug Videos

How to sell photos online with SmugMug. The Portfolio account 

Start an event photography portfolio website and sell prints 
Blog post 13 Event photography tips >

How to add a Favicon to SmugMug website

Mobile phone photo app 

How to change the background slideshow on Deco template

I love using SmugMug for my dogs website for these reasons

Create a stunning website for your dogs by using SmugMug. 
Take a look at my dogs SmugMug website Redhara Setters >

How to customise the homepage SmugMug website

How to make a page

Choose a portfolio website template

Set up contact form

How to make the dogs page

Dog grooming websites

There are many different website platforms to build a dog grooming website on.
But when I used a SmugMug website for the dog grooming my website was at the top of page one, of the google search results in the local area. 
I have a SmugMug SEO blog post here >

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