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Here is a list of the SmugMug templates.
There are plenty to choose from to easily create an online portfolio for your photography.
If you want a simple way to start your SmugMug photography portfolio upload your photos to a SmugMug gallery and choose a template. It will take you all of 5 minutes to create a stunning photography portfolio using one of the SmugMug templates it is that easy. 

How to use SmugMug

All the SmugMug templates can be customised exactly the same way. 
You can make thousands of different designs with these templates. 
Choose different colours, different styles of font. The layout of the template can be changed. Different content blocks can be added.
SmugMug have made it easier for you by making the templates so can keep it as simple as possible to create a portfolio for your photography.  
Or you can go wild with your creative side and start customising the template to your own design.

How to create an online photography portfolio

Once you have uploaded your photos to a SmugMug gallery.
Then you need to be on the Photo Site (the home page) of your SmugMug website. 
In the top right corner underneath the profile photo there are 3 dots in a vertical line.
Click the dots, then in the drop down menu you need NEW SITE DESIGN.
Here you will find all the SmugMug templates to choose from to create a website to display your photography portfolio online.  


The Classic SmugMug template has your SmugMug cover and profile photo at the top. This is the SmugMug website template you will start with.
The photos can be changed in Edit My Profile. To get to this click the profile photo in the top right corner of your website. In the drop down menu is Edit My Profile. Click that and you can easily change the cover and profile photos. 
The rest of this template design has your folders, galleries and pages all on the homepage. 
Click CUSTOMIZE in the top bar if you would like to choose which folders, pages and galleries are displyed. 

SmugMug templates


Andi the free portfolio website template has the SmugMug carousel set at 100% for displaying your images. This means the carousel which is like a slider, which works from left to right. When set at 100% your photos will be big, the carousel is chunky and will look great on a big screen. 
A side bar menu, the colours of this template are light and bright. 
To choose your images to be displayed on the carousel click CUSTOMIZE on the Photo Site (the homepage).
Then click on the carousel. The settings box will appear.
To choose your own photos which you have uploaded to a SmugMug gallery click on PHOTO SOURCE in the setting box it’s dead easy.


Jasper is a perfect Wedding photographers portfolio website template. The navigation menu is at the top of the website and as with Andi above. Jasper has the SmugMug carousel but this time set at 66% width. A light SmugMug theme your portfolio of images will be displayed beautifully. Looks great on a mobile device too.

SmugMug template


The Deco template has a transparent header and a slideshow of your images on the background of the website.
A website template which works for any kind of photography. 
I have a video how to customise the Deco template on my SmugMug tutorials page >

SmugMug templates


The Vida template from SmugMug is designed for a photographer with a big portfolio of images to display. 
The template uses the content block Multiple Photos with the layout set at Collage Landscape. This can be changed to Collage portrait or even Grid. When you use Grid on the multiple photo content block your website can look like an Instagram feed with all those squares. 
Click CUSTOMIZE  click on the content block to get to the settings box and to choose your photos to be displayed.

SmugMug themes


Zoe is designed for displaying all your SmugMug galleries on. Perfect if you have images to sell or are wanting to sell prints online with an easy set up. Visitors to your website can click on the gallery of photos and buy straight off the website. A winner for event photographers who need everyone to be able to access the photo galleries easily.
Click on a gallery and buy online dead easy.
To select the galleries you would like on the homepage. 
Click CUSTOMIZE in the top bar of the Photo Site (the homepage). Click the on the galleries content block and select from the settings box SELECT FROM then CHOOSE GALLERIES.

SmugMug theme


As with the Classic SmugMug template Dash has your profile at the top of the website. With a cover photo, profile photo and social links. Then as with Vida Dash has the multiple photos content block.
But this time the photos are the most recent photos which are displayed. Also when a visitor to the website clicks on a photo it will take them to the full gallery of images the image is from.
A clever way of taking someone through to all the images in the gallery especially good if you are selling prints from that gallery. Ideal for Landscape photographers to show off and sell their photography.

SmugMug templates


A clean symmetrical portfolio website template. 
Willow’s active theme (the colours of the website) is the SmugMug dark theme. 
You can easily change the colours of any of the SmugMug templates by clicking CUSTOMIZE in the top bar on the Photo Site (or home page). Then in the customize panel down the side of the website find THEME here is where you can change the colours of any of the SmugMug templates. 
Willow has the multiple photos content block with the photos displayed set as follows. Layout GRID and the Photo Aspect Ratio set to 3:2 
The photos look great on Willow perfect for any photographers portfolio of images.

SmugMug themes


Duke, my favourite of all the SmugMug templates. 
The default colours of the template Duke work really well with any images. The white header at the top of the website is a sticky header. So when visitors to the website scroll up on a desktop the white header part stays in place. This looks great.
Duke has the multiple photos content block but in the display settings the spacing is set to 72px. This gives a really chunky border look to the photos displayed.
I use Duke for my dog’s website and have a free guide how I made the website >



Max is designed for Landscape photographers images or anyone wanting to display panoramic images. 
The content block multiple photos is used with the settings as follows. Photo Aspect Ratio set to 3:1 and the Layout Vertical. The layout set to vertical will just show one image after another underneath each other.
Almost stacked one after another, works great for a portfolio of panoramic photos.  

SmugMug template


Moss is similar to Duke with a white sticky header and Dash with the layout and content blocks. 
The multiple photos are set to the layout GRID, the photo size is Large and the Photo Aspect Ratio is 1:1. 
So your photos are displayed as large squares.
The template is almost boxed rather than full width of the screen and looks quite unique.

SmugMug template


Octavia is a clean and simple pure white design with the navigation menu down the side of the website. 
Using the multiple photos content block this works really well for show casing black & white photography.
There are no distractions what so ever with this design. 
The only focus on this photography portfolio website will be your images.

SmugMug template


Cosmo is a stunning template for a photography portfolio. Navigation menu at the side again as with Octavia.
Multiple photos layout set as GRID, Medium size photos, Photo Aspect Ratio 1:1


SmugMug templates


Osiris has a transparent sticky header at the top of the website template.
This means when visitors to your website scroll up to view the images the top part of the website stays in place.
But is also partly see through so you can still see the images as they go up.
This template looks great just like Duke.

SmugMug template


Sophie has a light SmugMug theme and the multiple photos content block with the layout set to vertical. The Aspect Ratio is 3:2
This light SmugMug theme works great for any portfolio especially Newborn photography.

SmugMug theme


Spartan a full screen image which looks amazing.
This image is on the background of the SmugMug template. 
To change the image go to Photo Site (the home page) 
Click CUSTOMIZE in the top bar. 
In the customise panel down the side, look for BACKGROUND.
Here is where you can choose your photo you would like to use from your photos in the SmugMug storage area.
If the navigation menu is in the way, in the customize panel look for LAYOUT change the Layout from FIXED to STRETCHY. This will move the menu further across to the left.
This design is the same as Arrow which is in the video above.
But Spartan has a light SmugMug theme.


Turbo is similar to Spartan and Arrow with a background photo. But the Layout of the website is set to Stretchy so the menu is already across to the left. The SmugMug theme is dark colour on this website template.

SmugMug themes


Ludwig a simple design of medium sized square images from the multiple photos content block.
A small menu at the top of the template, a perfect portfolio template for any photographer. 

SmugMug templates


The video at the top of this page is how to customise the Arrow template from SmugMug.
Arrow has a background photo but each time a visitor to the website visits the home page the photo displayed is different. Which is quite cool. 

SmugMug templates


Smokey has a single photo at the top of the template set to the Photo Aspect Ratio 3:1.
It is a like hero header image at the top of the website. Followed by the multiple photos content block.

SmugMug themes


The SmugMug template Oslo has a bokeh background. This is changed in the SmugMug Theme there are loads of different themes to choose from within the Theme customise panel. Bokeh, patterns, colours, abstract, seasonal, textures and more. 
You can create any look and style of website you can possibly imagine with SmugMug.
It is designed for photographers and creatives. 

SmugMug template


Koda has 2 rows of photos which is set in the display part of the settings box. With just 1px spacing. This looks great. The colour of the background can changed again in the THEME or choose one the pre made colours from SmugMug as with Oslo

SmugMug template


NYX is dark SmugMug template with the menu on the left. The spacing of the photos is the same as koda above. 

SmugMug template


Pixie is dark SmugMug template with the photos set to Vertical. So one photo then another when you scroll up the same as Sophie.

SmugMug template


Sierra has a background slideshow on the template.
The navigation menu is at the top of the website which is also a transparent header. 
You can change the opacity of the transparent header by clicking on Theme.
Then click on the wrench icon in the SmugMug customise panel down the side.
Next in the theme setting box which will say Create Theme. In the advanced section look for header and slide the Header Opacity slider up to what suits you. 


Shadow has the SmugMug content block Folders, Galleries & Pages.
This template design is a nice way of seeing what you have in your SmugMug storage. And for getting all your photography organised including all your raw files too now with SmugMug Source.

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