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Loxley Colour Print Lab

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Here is my SmugMug print quality review.

SmugMug use the print lab Loxley Colour in the UK for prints, photo products and wall art.
All of these photographic products you can purchase yourself or sell online through a SmugMug account.
Prints from Loxley Colour are stunning quality and are available in three print types which are

Selling photography online

A huge range of print sizes are available to suit any type of photography from standard sizes, square and panoramic. 
I have used SmugMug and Loxley Colour for number of years now and you will not find a better print lab for printing your own photography or selling your photography online through a SmugMug website. 

SmugMug Reviews UK

I do have a full review for SmugMug here >>>
If you want to want to be able to offer the best quality photo products you just found it. 
Take a look at the short Loxley Colour video.
This video just sums up Loxley Colour and was filmed 9 years ago

Event Photography

By using a SmugMug website for event photography it was so easy to sell my photography online which included selling numerous prints and photo products after the events. This due to the fact that selling photography through SmugMug is so easy to do.

Brilliant Service

With SmugMug using Loxley Colour as the print lab there was never any complaints about the service or photo products. Neither was there ever any questions about how to buy from the website. This is because SmugMug is also user friendly for the visitors to your website too. 

In the video I explain a little more about Loxley Colour including the packaging to keep your photo products safe. 
Also I unbox a 48 x 36 piece of wall art, which I will add I am so impressed with the quality of. 
It’s a 10 out 10 for me for SmugMug print quality. 

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