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There are 4 plans available from SmugMug. The Basic, Power, Portfolio and Pro.

Unlimited photo & video storage

With all SmugMug plans you will get the unlimited photo storage as standard for JPEG, GIF, PNG files and video’s too.

Here are the main difference’s between using the Power and Portfolio plan in the table below.

Feature Power Plan Pro Account
Client galleries Yes Yes
Watermark Images No Yes
Custom Price Lists No 1 Active price list
Photo Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Drag & drop website builder Yes Yes
Photography website templates Yes Yes
Add custom domain name Yes Yes
Mobile & Desktop Apps Yes Yes
24/7 Support Yes Yes
Advanced privacy and security controls Yes Yes
Integrated sales and fulfilment tools No Yes
SmugMug Lightroom App Yes Yes

The main difference between the two plans is that with the Portfolio account you can easily set your own price and choose photography products to sell online through the client galleries.
With the Power plan you still have the client galleries but can not set your own price for the prints, digitals, wall art and other products.
But you can still share a SmugMug gallery online, to clients, colleges, friends and family who can download the photos and video’s. 
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How to build a SmugMug Website >>>

Step by step guide how to build a photography portfolio website using a SmugMug template 

how to build a photographers portfolio website
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