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This is exciting raw file cloud storage with SmugMug Source. Source is a new add on to your existing SmugMug account for storing raw files and PSD’s online and more. But you only pay for the storage which you use with Source. If you don’t know what SmugMug is. SmugMug is the photographers platform well known for their SmugMug galleries, photo sharing options, photographers e commerce set up, photo websites and more. I love using SmugMug because it’s so easy to use. You can read my SmugMug review here >>> 

For a limited time get 250GB of SmugMug Source (raw file cloud storage) with a SmugMug Pro account and try it FREE on the SmugMug 14 day FREE trial 

SmugMug Source

SmugMug already offer within their photography plans unlimited photo and video storage. But the unlimited photo storage has always been just Jpeg, Gif and PNG files. Which has been brilliant you can store as many of those files types as you like within the plan you choose. SmugMug never compress your images. What you upload you download exactly the same file size back. 

Store Raw files

Now SmugMug have Source which is an add on to your existing SmugMug account for storing raw files and PSD’s
But you only pay for the storage you use with source. So if you subscribe to source and upload nothing that is what you pay, nothing at all.  
SmugMug have tried to cover every possible camera and raw file type with Source.

How to use SmugMug Source

Storing raw files online with SmugMug is just the same as usual if you are already used to using it. Just plugin your card reader and upload your raw files to a SmugMug gallery. Or use one of the free app’s to upload. 

SmugMug Source Raw image file types

The type of raw files which you can store with SmugMug source are 

Export from Lightroom to SmugMug

The free SmugMug Lightroom plugin from Adobe has always been available. This enables you to create a SmugMug gallery within Lightroom then export (publish) to SmugMug. Now you can send your raw files straight from Lightroom to a SmugMug gallery using the plugin. 
It is all very clever and SmugMug seem to know everything else too. All the titles, keywords, captions and metadata applied in Lightroom also come along to the SmugMug gallery.  Or you could put it that SmugMug don’t strip the metadata from your images on the way.

How SmugMug Source works

If you already use SmugMug you will know how the simple to use SmugMug galleries work. Although simple to use these galleries are also powerful selling tools for photographers. 
Just upload your images to the SmugMug galleries. You can easily reorder the images around in the SmugMug galleries in the organise area by just dragging into place. It is so simple to move photos from gallery to another. And to duplicate a photo to another gallery. 
When you store raw files in the SmugMug galleries it is exactly the same but just raw files you are uploading and organising.  

External hard drives

When you store raw files on an external hard drive you can’t see what you have. You also pray that you never need to go back to the external hard drive for the raw file back up. 
This is what is brilliant with SmugMug source. When you store your raw files SmugMug creates a small Jpeg of the raw file. So when you are viewing the raw files in the SmugMug galleries you can see what photos you have. Don’t worry your not charged extra for the storage on the small Jpeg. Because that falls under the unlimited photo storage in your normal SmugMug account. 

Photo sharing

Source also opens up a new world for collaborating with the SmugMug sharing option. You may be thinking “why would I want to share my raw files?”
As an example for a second shooter at Weddings this is a perfect option for sending the images after a shoot to the main photographer to edit.  Or a dead easy way to send raw files for editing to the retouching service. 

Try SmugMug FREE

If you are looking for raw file cloud storage SmugMug Source is here.
By using SmugMug you will also open up a whole new world of easy to use tools for photographers.
You can try SmugMug free for 14 days and save 15% off any new plan when you click here >>>

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