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Purina Shop Discount Code

Use my Purina dog food discount code for 30% off your first order. Click here and the discount / referral code will already be applied for you

How it works in 3 steps

1. Create an account at Purina Shop

Click here to use my referral code at Purina Shop. The discount code will already be applied. If not use the code REBECCA-R2G-S141

2. Take a look at which Purina dog food would suit your breed of dog

My English Setter show dog puppy ‘Buzzy’ from Redhara Setters is fed Purina ProPlan Medium Puppy Healthy start which he left the dog breeder with. He has been fed ProPlan puppy every day since and will be fed the ProPlan Puppy until he is about 9 months of age. Then he will go onto Purina ProPlan Adult Everyday Nutrition. Larger breeds may stay on Purina ProPlan puppy longer.  

Is there a Purina Pro Plan Junior dog food?

This is the exact question I asked the dog breeder of my puppy. I fed Royal Canin dog food in the past to all the show dogs for many years, around 30 dogs at the time!!! Royal Canin does offer a Junior complete dog food. RC is a fantastic dog food and the dogs always looked amazing but with a price tag to go with it as you can imagine for 30 dogs. The answer to the question “Is there a Purina ProPlan Junior dog food?”, the answer is no. Go straight from ProPlan Puppy to ProPlan Adult. 

3 Take your 30% discount OFF your first order at Purina Shop

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