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The difference between the two plans

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The Portfolio and the Pro account are the two plans you can use to sell your photography online with SmugMug.
Just choose your products, set your own price and you are ready to start making money online with your photography. 
Share a SmugMug gallery of your images via email, Facebook, messenger or any way you like. 

Unlimited photo & video storage

With all SmugMug plans you will get the unlimited photo storage as standard for JPEG, GIF, PNG files and video’s too.

The main difference’s between the Portfolio & Pro account are in the table below. 

Feature Portfolio Account Pro Account
Client galleries Yes Yes
Watermark Images Yes Yes
Custom Price Lists 1 Active price list Multiple price lists
Photo Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Drag & drop website builder Yes Yes
Photography website templates Yes Yes
Add custom domain name Yes Yes
Photography packages No Yes
Offer Free Shipping No Yes
Marketing promotions, coupons No Yes
Mobile & Desktop Apps Yes Yes
24/7 Support Yes Yes
Advanced privacy and security controls Yes Yes
Integrated sales and fulfilment tools Yes Yes
Lightroom App Yes Yes

With both the Portfolio and the Pro account you will sell your photography online through a SmugMug gallery. 
By using the top level account the ‘Pro account‘ you can start to add packages to your client gallery.
Offer discounts with coupon codes for money off at checkout or a percentage off, free shipping to increase sales and more.
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