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26 photography portfolio website templates

Create your online photographer portfolio with one of the 26 photography portfolio templates. All the designs are easy to use and customise to suit your brand and style of photography. 

photographer website templates

Just add your photos

You DO NOT need  –

Just follow the simple steps below to create your stunning photography portfolio in minutes.

Getting started

To get started with your online photography portfolio 

Answer questions

You will first be asked a few simple questions about your photography and what else you might like to do once you have your photography portfolio set up. The questions are  

Then click continue

photography website templates


The next step is to enter your contact details, email address, name and create a password. No credit card details are required to try out a SmugMug photography portfolio template for 14 days 

Choose a template

SmugMug have 26 photography templates to choose from which can all be easily customised exactly the same way. The templates are suitable for any type of photography including 

SmugMug template

At this point on the free trial you are given a choice between 8 of the photography portfolio templates. These 8 website templates are great SmugMug website examples just choose any one to try out. Once you get started I will show you where all 26 photography website templates are and how to change your template whilst on the SmugMug free trial.

photography website templates

Add your photos

SmugMug gallery

Upload your photos for your photography portfolio to your first SmugMug gallery, you can also add video’s into the gallery too if you like.  

Change gallery name

You can change the name ‘my first gallery’ if you like. But this can be easily changed later on.


It is unlimited photo and video storage with any of the SmugMug plans.

photography website templates

How many photo's do you need for a portfolio?

For your photography portfolio think quality not quantity use your very best photo’s around 8 to 20 images in the portfolio works well. If you are just starting out and don’t have many photo’s just use one great image. Then use Deco, Arrow, Turbo, Spartan or the Sierra template because with these 5 portfolio templates you only really need one big image on the background to make a statement.

Upload logo

After you have uploaded your portfolio images to the gallery, you can add your logo. If you don’t have a logo yet don’t worry you can easily add a logo later on.

Display name

You can also change the display name, change the name to your photography business name.  Or just add photography to the end of your name in the box.

Add social media links

If you have any social media links these be added in here. The link to your FaceBook page, Instagram account and YouTube account etc. Again these can be easily added or changed later on. 

Customise the template

By clicking the green button ‘show me my site’ this will take you through to the photography portfolio template which you chose. Depending which template you are using will determine how many of your portfolio photo’s are showing. All the templates can be easily customised exactly the same way.  

Customise panel

In the top bar on your screen click 

This will bring up the SmugMug customise panel at the side of your screen. Within the customise panel are the 

How to change the SmugMug template

To change your photography portfolio template go to the top right corner on your screen. Click on the 3 dots which will bring up the menu, choose New Site Design. You will be taken through to all the photography website templates, just choose another template to work from. 

SmugMug template

Photography portfolio websites

There are 26 photographer website templates to choose from all of the templates are suitable for any kind of photography portfolio. Here are some of my tips for choosing the right photography portfolio template.  

Tip 1

If you want to make a statement with your photography or just have a few images to get started with either use, 

Here is how to add or change your images when your using these templates.

Tip 2

Photo gallery website template

If you want a photo grid or photo gallery website template then take look at the following photography portfolio templates – 

Photography website builder

All the above portfolio website templates just use the content block multiple photos from the SmugMug drag and drop website builder. There are so many different settings combinations on this content block it will suit any type of photography and your photography portfolio will look professional.    

Tip 3

Wedding photographers website templates

A quick and easy way to get your Wedding photography portfolio displayed is to use the Wedding photographers website templates 

These templates are a light SmugMug theme which a light coloured template. Jasper has a slider or carousel as SmugMug call their slideshow slider. Just add your photos to the portfolio template by clicking customise design in the top bar.  The Zoe template has your client galleries (SmugMug galleries) displayed which is great for selling event photography online. 

Publish design

Once you are happy with the template you choose and have added your portfolio of images. Just click publish design it is that easy. 

I have a full SmugMug review and tutorials how to use SmugMug here > 

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