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By Dog Photographer Rebecca Goutorbe

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A photographers alternative to IPS is a photo sharing website. Below I explain in more detail about IPS, and photo sharing websites

What is IPS

A lot of photographers use IPS to sell their images after a photo shoot.
If you don’t know what IPS is, it is ‘In person sales’. 
Photographers will carry out the photo shoot and edit the images. Then invite the clients back for a viewing, to view the images from the photo shoot.

Image viewing area

This all sounds quite simple and straight forward, but to be able to offer IPS it does require a space or an area to to be able to carry the viewing out. The space or area needs to look the part, be comfy and relaxing for the clients.
If a photographer has a studio then this usually doubles up as the viewing area. I have heard of photographers having an extension to the house to create a viewing area. Or re-arranging the living room each time they have a viewing. 
If you are going to offer viewings for the images using IPS you will also need a large screen or TV, the bigger the better to show off the images. You need studio samples of the photography products which you are selling for the clients to see.   
Also you need the time to carry out the viewing, show the studio samples and give clients time to make a decision.     

Alternative to IPS

The best photographers alternative to IPS is a photo sharing website 
A website which you can upload the images to after you have finished editing. Then share the gallery of images privately to the client via a link by email or social media
The images can be uploaded ready to sell but a watermarked can be added through the gallery settings for photo protection. 
Clients can order directly from their gallery of images digital downloads, prints and wall art. They can also share the link to the gallery to their family and friends to see, who can also purchase the images too. This is great for family photography, wedding photographers and event photography.  

Best photo sharing website

The best, easiest to use and quickest to set up photo sharing website is a SmugMug website. 
With SmugMug you can share, store and sell images online through the website. 
Set up can take as little as 15 minutes.
You can try SmugMug FREE for 14 days, and save 15% off a new account if you click here >>>

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