How To Use A Private Online Photo Gallery

easy to use photo website

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Photo Gallery Instructions

1 – 2 weeks after the outdoor photo shoot I will send you a link to your photo gallery via email or by text whichever you prefer. If you have a gift voucher with product credit or have had a photo shoot and have product credit I will also send a code for you to be able to the use the product credit through your private gallery at the checkout as amount off the total. You will be able to purchase professional prints, digital image downloads and photo products through the website. Or you can use your product credit towards other photo products I offer such as the folio box these can be ordered from myself direct I will deduct the credit from the total amount of the products which you choose. Just get in touch to order these.

> Click on the link  

The link will take you to your gallery of images, the images will be watermarked which means they will have a faint © for copyright on the photos this is just for viewing purposes.
This is your private online gallery and you can only view the images through the link which I send. You can share the link to whoever you would like to show the photos to, that is fine. 

> Click on a photo
By clicking on a photo you will be able to view the photo in full screen mode, here is where you can order prints, digital downloads and photo products by clicking buy photo. 

how to use photo website

The settings are on the left hand side, you can play a slide show or show the photo details. The photo details show the file number of the photo this is usually IMG or C53V followed by 4 numbers with my cameras. To exit out of the full screen mode click the cross at the right hand corner of the screen and this will take you back to all the photo’s the photo gallery.

website template for photos
how to use photo website

You can access your private online gallery on your mobile phone too. The same applies as before just click on a photo to enlarge, you can purchase the prints, digital downloads and photo products too straight from your phone.

how to use photo website
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