Event photography pricing

Event photography pricing template

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Not all event photographers work the same or charge the same price, but event photography pricing can be made easier.
If you are wondering what should I charge for event photography?
That is going to depend on type of event your photographing as there is so many different types of photography which can come under ‘event photography’ for example –

event photography pricing

This is just few examples of photography which could require an event photographer.

What to charge for event photography?

A Wedding photographer will charge a lot more than a photographer photographing a Gundog event. So it is not such easy question to answer.

Event photography contract

If the images you are taking are for a company which has hired you as a photographer. You may charge an hourly or day rate for your photography services. But will need to check the event photography contract to see if you can also sell or use the images after the event through your own website. The images may be exclusive to the company which has hired you.

Sell images online to make money

Another way to sell event photography and maybe the only way you will get paid for the work you have done is by selling the images. This means that you are not paid to photograph the event but you are invited or accepted to photograph the day. Then you can use and sell the images through you own photo sharing website online to everyone who attended the event.

Photo sharing website

Using a photo sharing website as an event photographer is the easiest way to sell event photography. 

Use client galleries

Just use client galleries to sell your event photography through. It is so simple to set up to start selling your event photography, even if you are using another platform like WordPress for your photography website. Use a client gallery along side it as it is such a quick set up.

Upload your event photos

It really is a case of uploading your event photography into a gallery, choose your products to sell and set your own price. 

Photo products

There is wide range of photography products available in SmugMug’s ready made e-commerce store for photographers. There are –

Video’s can be sold too through a SmugMug gallery. 

Upload your photos to a SmugMug gallery

It is this simple to sell your images with SmugMug.

Create a photography watermark

You don’t need to know how to use Photoshop to create a watermark to apply to your photo gallery with SmugMug.
Just click selling tools in the top bar. 
Manage Branding
Watermarks click Manage
Then just create, all you need to do is type some text which will cover your photo. Change the opacity by clicking on fade. If you have a PNG file, from text click image and upload your PNG file or watermark photo. Click save
Go back to your gallery of images from the event and click settings. Then under photo protection, Apply watermark.
That will add the watermark to whole gallery for photo protection.

Again in your gallery settings visitor shopping cart Click ON
You are ready to start selling your event photography online.
All you need to do next is share the SmugMug gallery of images via email or share on Facebook.

Simple event photography pricing

Use the Portfolio account with SmugMug for quick simple pricing for your event photography. One price list fits all your photo galleries and can work as your event photography pricing template. Or use the Pro account and offer print packages, photography packages and lots more to increase your event photography sales.

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