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All the dog photographer news, special offers and anything else you might find useful or interesting in 2023 can be found here on this page. 


Last YouTube video of 2023


New show dog puppy

I have finally got a new show dog. My English Setter puppy ‘Buzzy’ Wansleydale Beekeeper At Redhara will be shown in 2024. 



I have some iPhone photography tips for dog photography on my TikTok channel click the button below 

New Blog Post 8th September

Reasons For Secure Photo Sharing For Your Photography Business


Photo shoot for Show Dogs

Page updated on the website for the Show Dogs. This photo shoot is specifically designed for your show dog and includes a yearbook advert made up from an image or images from the photo shoot. 


Pointing Dogs Volume Two

Craig Koshyk has finished his book Pointing Dogs Volume Two. There are quite a few of my Working Gundog images in the book along with other well known dog photographers images within Setters and Pointers. You can take a sneak peak look inside the book here >
To buy the book click here >


New Blog Post 5th May

Photo sharing website

25 photo sharing website templates for photographers with online upload for images 
Learn more…. 


New Blog Post 22nd April

Best Event Photography Websites

5 photography portfolio website templates for event photographers to sell photographs from
Learn more…. 


22st March

Chatsworth House membership

I live only about 6 miles from Chatsworth House, the grand stately home with the gold windows. You could say the Devonshire’s were my neighbours down the road, lol. A Chatsworth friends member for many years, apart from last year. Which I did miss, not having the membership card, so I’ve just renewed it. Chatsworth style the membership is not that cheap but you get what you pay for in this life. I must do a blog post about the membership benefits. 

The post is mainly to tell you that I have a TikTok account which I set up for photography. But now I have the Chatsworth membership card. The TikTok account seem’s to be all about my walks and outings at Chatsworth. Click the button below to the TikTok account. I also have a blog post dog friendly day’s out at Chatsworth here >

21st March

Guild of Photographers IOM results

The Guild of Photographers ‘Image Of The Month’ results come out at 1 o’clock on the 21st of the month. I entered 9 images into 3 categories, 3 images in each category which were –

I was awarded 3 Bronze awards, 1 Bronze in each category and 6 classified. Classified is not an award but is classed as professional standard which is good. 
You can view the Bronze award images here >
I will add a blog post soon with tips and how this photography competition works. 


18th & 19th March

I am looking for some cats to photograph on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th March at Tansley Matlock. Flash photography will be used, you will receive 1 digital image in return for your time. Get in touch for more details if you think your cat will make a good model. 

cat photography derbyshire
2nd March New YouTube video

How to sell videos online

A new SmugMug tutorial video – How to sell videos online through your SmugMug website. View the video on the YouTube channel >


19th February New page

SmugMug videos

A new page I have started on the website SmugMug videos you can take a look at the page here> 

New YouTube video 18th February

Best event photograpy lens

A new YouTube video Best event photography lens.
I have event photography blog posts too which are – 

New Blog Post 4th February

Are you the best loser at dog shows?

No-one wants to be a loser at dog shows, but there is a correct way to conduct yourself when you don’t win
Read more…

New Blog Post 3rd February

How to pick a show quality puppy

The next best in show winner at Crufts dog show? I wish. Take a look how to choose a show dog puppy 
Read more…

New Blog Post 1st February

What is a Kennel Club Affix?

KC Affix what is it? It is more than just a kennel name for some dog breeders
Read more…


New desk

18th January

I’ve upcycled an old dressing table and turned it into my new desk for editing photo’s. When you are thinking of getting a new desk if you have an iMac or a computer of similar size to an iMac for editing. Take into account that they weigh a fair bit and I have found that my desk’s start to warp and my mouse then doesn’t work. I’ll see how this dressing table holds up!! It looks good though you can see the YouTube video here  >

Landscape photography

15th January

A Sunday drive out to the see the overflow at Ladybower Reservoir locally known as ‘The Plug holes’. It’s been a long time since I had been to the plug holes and a long time since they were overflowing after the hot summer. Cold and busy there was an understatement, but we still managed to get a parking space on the main road next to the dam. There is a car park close by too if you are wanting to go and see them. I have a TikTok video of the overflow here >

dog photography news

Client digital downloads

SmugMug video, how to create client digital downloads on YouTube. I have more tutorials how to use SmugMug here > 

Dog breeder puppy photo shoot

4th January

A great start to New Year dog photography wise. Dog breeder photo shoot with 8, 8 week old Australian Shepherd puppies and all the dog relatives. I took the usual outdoor litter shots, breeder head and standing shots. But I also took my studio dog photography kit mobile!! It’s amazing what shots you take with a small roll of photography background paper in someone’s living room lol. We got the shots. 

Guild of Photographers

New Year is a great time to start something new. If you have ever wondered if your photos would win any competitions then entering the Guild of Photographers Image Of The Month photo competition is great place to try. The competition runs from January to October, so January is a great time to join. There are lots of other perks too for photographers by becoming a member. Click here to find out more and save £10 off membership

Happy New Year

2023 a New Year already!! 
SmugMug have a great offer for photographers to start the year off. Anyone who signs up to a SmugMug Pro account in the month of January 2023 and makes $500 in profit within their first year with SmugMug. Will get their account paid for, how good is this offer and yes we can use SmugMug in the UK. Great if you are thinking of starting a photography business too. Click here to find out more info.


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