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This website contains affiliate links to the products and services I use and recommend. You won’t pay any more for the products or services but I may get a small commission. Thank you

Welcome to the Dog Photographer shop, here you will find product reviews and links to buy the photography kit and photography website I use. The essential dog grooming equipment I use for the Setters and Spaniels in my dog grooming room. Also you will find links to the award winning organic skin care range for which I am a consultant for.  

Dog Photography Kit

My Canon 6D Full frame camera has mainly been used for my own dogs, dog shows and is a brilliant camera for taking selfie’s. I use the Canon camera connect mobile phone app for taking selfie’s and photo’s of my own dogs when they can’t be let off the lead with this camera. 
I have a video how Canon Camera Connect works on YouTube >

I use the Canon 1DX for dog photography private commissions and event photography. A big heavy camera, which is an amazing camera with a fast frame rate. If I had to choose between the Canon 6D or the Canon 1DX  I would choose the Canon 6D because it is so much lighter to carry. The image quality on the 6D is also fine as it’s a full frame camera.

The Canon 70-200mm lens is again used for dog photography private commissions and event photography. Paired with the Canon 1DX I have exactly all I need for dog photography. I do have a full blog post about lenses for dog photography here > 

The studio lights I have are the Phottix Indra 360, the Indra 500 is a more powerful light with a bigger battery pack. Both these lights have a built in receiver so I only need the Phottix Odin II Transmitter for Canon to fire the studio flash. Although I have a Phottix Odin II receiver for Canon to fire a Canon Speedlite. 

Light modifier's

Mainly the Phottix Raja which are quick folding softboxes, very similar to the Westcott rapid boxes I have for speedlites. Both are easy to set up and use!!!

Photography Websites

I recommend you use SmugMug if you want a photography website, I have 2 SmugMug websites. One for photography and one I use for my show dogs website because they are so easy to use.

pet photography website template

Photo Storage

You can store your photos online in the unlimited photo storage for Video’s, Jpeg’s, Gif, and PNG files with SmugMug cloud photo storage. Just upload all your images into a SmugMug gallery it is so easy to do. I have a video how the SmugMug gallery works on YouTube >

Raw file cloud Storage

You can also store Raw files and PSD’s  in a SmugMug gallery once you add on SmugMug Source to your SmugMug account. 

Photo sharing

SmugMug are well known as a photo sharing platform. All you need to do is upload your photo’s, video’s or even raw files and PSD’s into a SmugMug gallery then hit the share button. Brilliant for selling your photography of any type through the gallery online, as SmugMug galleries are client galleries. See how easy it is to share a SmugMug gallery to FaceBook in the video here on YouTube >

Photography Portfolio Templates

Display your photography portfolio online in minutes using a photography portfolio template from SmugMug. There are 26 photography website templates to choose from  which are free to use with your SmugMug plan. Take a look at the video on YouTube how easy the photography templates are to use. 
Read the full SmugMug review here >>

Dog Grooming

A dog groomer for over 30 years, my dog grooming business is at Tansley, Matlock , Derbyshire. I specialise in Gundog grooming mainly Setter’s and Spaniel’s. Most of my clients will travel a few hours to Matlock to get their dog groomed. Clients will travel from London, Nottinghamshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Lincolnshire, Sheffield to name a few counties. This sounds pretty impressive but I am not the only old fashioned type of dog groomer in the UK. 

Dog grooming website

When I set up this current dog grooming business up over 4 years ago I built a dog grooming website using SmugMug. I learnt a little bit about SEO search engine optimisation. All I needed to do was fill in a few boxes within the SmugMug website with the right information. The dog grooming website I made appeared at the top of the google search results in my local area for dog grooming and in most counties in the UK for my Setter grooming. I also had Setter owners from abroad trying to work out how they could get their dog to me for grooming. This is because the right information was on the website and the website was quick to load in foreign countries. SmugMug is set up for your website to work all over the world.  

Grooming Setters

It is a well know fact that Setter owners are a little bit fussy!! I know that I am a Setter owner and fully understand what they want. Setter owners will search online for what they want and when they find it will travel, the same applies to Spaniel owners. I love grooming Setters and Spaniels and get to do it every day Thanks to SmugMug.

Essential dog grooming kit for Setters

Hydrobath for dogs

Luxury spa treatment for dogs, yes it is. But for the Spaniels and Setter owners, the Hydrobath is a powerful lovely warm jet wash for dogs. Nothing can turn the water more brown in colour in the hydrobath than a Setter. It is unbelievable how filthy they get, my go to dog shampoo is Wahl dirty beastie. Wahl also do a milder shampoo for those with skin conditions Aloe Soothe.

Clippers and scissors

Andis dog clippers, a sharp 7FC and 9F dog clipper blade is all you need for Setters. Roseline thinning scissors and straight scissors that is it. The art in grooming a Setter is coat preparation and knowing how much to take off in the right places, to enhance the Setter look. Every dog is different.

Brushes, Combs and de matting rakes

A slicker brush, a steel comb and a de matting rake to get any tangles out will keep the coat in good order. 

Dog nail clippers

If you are unsure about cutting your dogs nails then don’t waste your money buying dog nail clippers. It may end up in disaster, only joking. But if you do cut too much off a dogs nail it does bleed a lot!! Clip stop will slow it down. So buy clip stop when you buy dog nail clippers.

Organic skin care products

Join the team

Join the team and become an independent consultant for Neal’s Yard Remedies award winning organic skin products. An affordable way to start at just £25 for a starter kit with products worth over £150. You can use the products in your kit or start selling straight away. Host a party for your friends, sell the products or use the product links in your blog posts, website and on social media to get started.

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