Dog Photographer News 2021

By Rebecca Goutorbe

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SmugMug reviews 2021

Happy New Year

January can be a slow month especially if you are an outdoor photographer like myself who relies on the weather. But this does give me chance plan ahead for the year, make changes, set new goals and make New Year resolutions for my photography business. 

Gift Vouchers

Last year I got the Gift vouchers for the outdoor photo shoot in Matlock, Chesterfield & the Bakewell areas of Derbyshire online and that proved to be a great success. Even with the way the year had been and still is with Covid-19 the vouchers were a success. 
Those of you who do have vouchers, the 6-month extension to the voucher will still apply again this year. 

Prints & digital images will be available to buy online

The product credit with your gift voucher or the product credit which comes with the Outdoor photo shoot when booked.
The credit can now be used online towards digital images and professional photographic prints through my SmugMug website. This is the website which after the photo shoot your private online gallery of images is sent from. 

When I send the link to your images, I will also send a coupon code for the product credit value. 

Coupons at checkout

You will be able to use the coupon at the checkout on the SmugMug website for money off your products. You will still be able to use the product credit towards products from the original product price list with the folio box too if you would like to do it this way. 
But new for 2021 any new photo shoots booked this year will be working the new way with the products available online to choose from and by using the coupon online after the photo shoot. SmugMug is really easy to use so don’t worry, it is just the same as buying anything online choose what you would like and order it. 

Special Offers

Keep a look out for Special Offers throughout the year which I will be running. I will also be looking for dog models for the photo competitions which I enter with The Guild of Photographers.
For the dog model photo shoots, I will be offering outdoor mini shoots at a discounted rate which will last around 30 mins. The photo shoot will be at The Whitworth park at Darley Dale Matlock.
The photos from the mini shoots will be used for entering into the competitions and to use on my website. As part of the special offer, I will send you a private online gallery of the images just as I do with the usual Outdoor Photo Shoot.  You will be able to choose one high-res digital image which you will be able to download included in the offer. Additional prints and digitals will also be available to purchase from your private gallery.
This could work well for those of you which have been asking for just a few photos of your dog and a print. 
If you would like to be added to a list to be contacted about the dog model offers for this year then please get in touch.

SmugMug Share App

Once you receive the link to your private online photo gallery from the photo shoot. You will be able to use the SmugMug Photo App for your mobile phone. This is brilliant, if you click on the share button on your gallery you will see that you can have your own photo app on your mobile phone. View the video and see the steps below for how it works.

1 – Using your mobile phone click on the link to your private online gallery of images which I will email to you after the photo shoot. 

SmugMug Mobile App

2 – Once you have the gallery open on your mobile phone, click the share button on your phone, the square circled in green and scroll up. 

SmugMug Mobile Phone App

3 – Find Add to Home Screen, click the plus button.

SmugMug Mobile Phone App

4 – That’s it you will have your own photo app on your phone. You will be able to access the private gallery of photos from the photo shoot straight from the home screen of your mobile phone. How cool is that. 

Dog Photographer news 2021

 Matlock, Chesterfield, Bakewell Derbyshire.

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