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Dog breeder WordPress theme from Divi use the Divi website builder with dog breeding template to create a dog breeding website. The dog breeder website template is one of the free dog website templates Divi offer. Other dog WordPress themes available are for

Dog breeder website templates free

8 dog breeding website templates to work from which can be changed. The pages you need on a dog breeder website are 

How to set up a dog breeding website with WordPress

Get web hosting

Get web hosting I recommend using SiteGround for a quick WordPress set up for your dog breeder WordPress website. 

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Purchase a domain name

Choose a domain name this is the address of your website. You kennel name or Kennel Club affix works best as the web address for dog breeding websites. 

Install Divi WordPress Theme

Once you have purchased the dog breeder WordPress theme from Divi, from your WordPress dashboard.  

Dog breeder WordPress Theme

Activate Divi WordPress Theme

Activate the WordPress theme. 

Divi WordPress Theme
Dog breeder WordPress Theme

Create pages

From the WordPress dashboard create the pages for the dog breeder website you need. To do this Add New. I recommend the following pages as mentioned above > Give each page a title then click Use Divi Builder.

Use the dog breeder website template

Next to bring in the dog breeder website template choose a premade layout. This will take you through to the template library where you can choose the dog breeder website template or any of the other website templates. Click use this layout to start customising the template with your photo’s and writing using the visual website builder. 

Easy to build website for breeder of dogs

Step by step guide how to build a dog breeding website with a photography website 

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