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8 page dog breeder website template from Divi. Use the Divi dog WordPress theme for your dog breeder website design and create a dog breeding website using the following pages within the dog breeding website templates.  

Divi WordPress Theme

Dog Breeding

Breeding dogs is a way of life and can be hard work. The best dog breeder websites bring in puppy enquires, stud enquires, promote your dogs and answer questions related to your breed of dog. The Divi WordPress Theme has a build in page builder which works as your dog breeder website builder. There are video tutorials to help you along over at Divi >

wordpress themes for dog breeders

Getting started

Web hosting

You will need WordPress web hosting to use the Divi dog breeder website template I recommend using SiteGround web hosting.  

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Domain name

A domain name is the address of your website, your web address. Use your Kennel Club affix or Kennel name as your web address.
Check to see if your domain name is available click here >

Pages included in the dog breeder website template

Divi WordPress Theme

Home page

The home page needs all the information about you as a dog breeder. Who you are, where you are and what breed of dog you are breeding.

About page

Within the about page you can go into more detail about you and your dogs. Breed health tests you have carried out, what you do with your dogs for example show dogs or work your dogs. 

How it works

On this page ‘how it works’ use it to go into detail about how it’s going to work. For example if you are selling puppies you can ask potential puppy buyers to get in touch via your contact page to join a list for future litters you have planned.

Landing page

The landing page is where visitors to your dog breeder website will land on from the internet. When they arrive what would you like them to know about your kennel of dogs? Will it be that you have puppies available? Do you have a stud dog? Recent dog show wins to tell them about?  


Start a blog for your dog using the blog section within the dog breeder website template. Write all about your experience within your breed, health issues and dog grooming related to your breed are some ideas. 


In the Divi dog breeder website template there is an online shop which is an eccomerce set up. If you are new to dog breeding this is not for selling your puppies from. Unless you want to be labelled as the best puppy farmer in the UK. It is just an online shop which is handy if you want to sell dog leads, dog collars, dog grooming equipment. Or if you have your own product you would like to sell online through your website then use it. You don’t have to use the online shop.

Product page

The product page is to go with your online shop to show all the products you have to offer. 


The contact page has a contact form you can add more information. Email address, phone number, the area which you live. I wouldn’t include your full address on this page you could just be giving the dog thief the directions straight to your litter of puppies. 

Divi WordPress Theme

My English Setter puppy has been reared on Purina Pro Plan and looks fantastic, I am looking forward to getting him in the show ring. Rebecca Goutorbe Redhara Setters

Purina Breeder Club Benefits

T&C's apply

More details on the Breeder Connect website >

Photographers website

I use a photography website for my show dogs web design. This works well for me with the added benefit of unlimited photo and video storage which comes as standard with SmugMug. This is great for all my dog photo’s and video’s. I created my own dog breeder website template using a SmugMug template the dog’s website is over 40 pages now. Here is a free guide how to build a dog breeder website using SmugMug >

Free dog breeder website templates

The website platform Weebly allow you to build a free dog breeder website using one of their website templates. Lots of dog breeders use Weebly for their show dog web design. The only problem using Weebly is that the all dog breeder websites look the same and not very modern at all. They are alright if you want free dog breeding websites but If you want a modern dog breeder website then use Divi or try SmugMug.  

Weebly - Websites, eCommerce & Marketing in one place.
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