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What is a dog breeder website template?

A dog breeder website template is a website template or the website page layout set out for dog breeders.
The website template should be able to help you easily design your own website. 
When you get your template it should be a case of change the photos and the text (the writing). 
The problem is with most of the dog breeder website templates which are available. Is that the website page layout is all wrong.
The website will make you appear like a commercial dog breeder or even worse a puppy farmer. 
So you will end up deleting most of the content blocks or re-arranging them on the web page to suit you and your dogs. This could leave you with a blank page to start from. Which makes buying a dog breeder website template pointless.  

dog breeder website templates

Show Dogs Website

I have bred, owned and shown dogs for over 30 years now. 
In 2009 I had my first dog breeder website. This website was made for in me 2009. I had no idea where to start to build my own dog breeder website. But I knew I wanted a website for the dogs and I knew exactly how I wanted it look. 
The problem was that I was told my idea would cost thousands of pounds. I went along with the web designers and developers cheaper options and ideas and was never happy with it. 
Over time as the dogs won more and more at dog shows the price increased for the updates to the news pages.
Finally I said that I didn’t want the website anymore and that I would make own. 
At this point I had no idea how a website was made, how the internet worked or anything about domain names. The web developers also had control of my domain name. 

dog breeder website template

Free Dog Breeder Website Template

Fast forward to 2021.
Over the previous years I did a bit a research about websites.
I’m not a website expert, but I can make a dog breeder website.
I have a created a free step by step guide how to build a dog breeder website.
You don’t need a dog breeder website template.
What I show you in the free guide includes using a free website template to work from. Also there are video tutorials to help you too. 

dog breeder website template

How do I create a dog breeder website?

What I use is SmugMug, it is a photographers sharing platform. All you need is the Power Plan from SmugMug and my free guide to easily build a website for your dogs. This won’t cost the earth, it is so simple to use and you can use one of the free website templates as your dog breeder website template. 

With SmugMug building a website is so easy. It is an all in one package. You don’t need web hosting, a WordPress dog breeder theme or anything like that. 
All you need to do is follow my guide. Use your photos and information which you would like on the website.
Its dead easy and will look a hundred times better than any free website which you can get.
You can easily remove the SmugMug branding from the website. The simple instructions are in my free guide.

dog breeder website template

Free Dog Breeder Websites

Free websites are free for reason.
You have to pay to remove the bright distracting branding banners from the free websites for a start.
Or upgrade to be able to customise the footers.
Usually you will find with the free websites that upgrading to remove the branding will cost a lot more than if just used SmugMug in the first place. 

dog breeder website template

SmugMug Power Plan

 A SmugMug Power Plan will only cost £1.19 per week with my discount for the first year paid annually. £1.39 per week paid annually after that.
That is a small price for a stunning dog breeders website, with unlimited photo storage included.
Plus you can order professional photo prints from the top print labs. This is brilliant for printing puppy photos to add into your puppy packs. 
SmugMug is not free but you can try it free for 14 days.
In 14 days follow my free guide and you will create your own dog breeder website.  
Take a look at my free guide before you head off to SmugMug.
I am the dog person, SmugMug help photographers to market and sell their photography online and off. 

dog breeder website template
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