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New Show Dogs Website for English Setters - Redhara Setters

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dog breeder website design

By Rebecca Goutorbe June 2021

Photographers Portfolio Website

I have just created a 30 page dog breeder website using a SmugMug portfolio website template. 
I moved the website from WordPress.
Now I am using SmugMug again for the dogs website it is already so much better. I’ve used SmugMug for my dog grooming website before too.
It is so easy to add and update the information on the website. The photos look exactly how I want them to look online and look great when viewed on a mobile phone. The slideshow feature is perfect for multiple photos in the dog show news pages and the blog. The website also has a sticky header on the desktop version. 
Even better it only costs £1.39 per week when paid annually. 

If you are thinking of building a website for your dogs SmugMug is well worth looking at to use. 
It is so easy to use, won’t cost the earth and is mobile responsive.
You can try SmugMug free for 14 days  just sign up with your email address and a password. You don’t need to give credit card details.

Take a look at the new Redhara Setters SmugMug website here
I have a FREE GUIDE   How to build a dog breeder website >>>
Also I have a SmugMug review which you can read here >

How SmugMug works

SmugMug is an all in one website package. Built for photographers from enthusiasts to professional. 
You don’t need to buy web hosting, a domain name a page builder, a ssl certificate or any plugins that need installing. 
Everything you need to build a website is already set up for you.
No codes needed, no website experience required.
All you need to do is add your photos and text to the website it’s that easy.
Use my FREE GUIDE How to build a dog breeder website >>>

SmugMug Power Plan

SmugMug have 4 plans available. 

The Basic plan which is the cheapest plan and includes unlimited online photo storage and a 1 page website.

The Power plan is the online photo storage, a customisable website and the free website templates to work from. You can also add your own custom domain to the website with the power plan.
The Power plan is all you need to build a website for your dogs.

Then the Portfolio and Pro plans which are all the above plus the plans are geared up for photographers to market their photography business and make money online. By selling their photography via prints, digital downloads etc. 

By using the SmugMug Power plan for a dog breeder website you can easily have a no hassle stunning website for your dogs on the internet in no time at all. 

Have an old WordPress website for your dogs?

SmugMug is so easy to use, and it is so easy to build a dog breeder website with. 
If you have an old WordPress which is not mobile responsive. This means you can hardly see your dogs website on your mobile phone. 
Follow my free guide and just copy & paste your information from your old website to a new one with SmugMug. Right click and save your photos from your old website and upload them to SmugMug. It so easy to do.
Just follow my guide >>>

Domain name

If you have a domain name on your old website, don’t worry you can still build a new website.
Build a new website with SmugMug following my free guide. You have 14 days on the free trial to try it out.
Then once you are happy with the website connect up your domain name.  
If you don’t have a domain name and are just starting get one you will look more professional with a domain name on your dog breeder website  


It is really easy to build a dog breeder website. 
You don't need to go looking for a dog breeder WordPress Theme, dog breeder page builder or dog breeding website template.
The best dog breeder website builder is SmugMug which I use. You don't need codes or any website experience to create a stunning website with SmugMug. 
Take a look at my FREE GUIDE How to build a dog breeder website there is discount off SmugMug there too >>>

Yes I think dog breeders should have a website.
Even if it is just a one page website to get contact details and photos of the dogs online. This will at least show potential puppy owners what to expect from the breeder.

Yes just follow the free guide for how to build a dog breeder website. It will work exactly the same. 

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