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Show dog web design

The main concept of a dog breeder website is to create an online presence for your kennel and show off the dogs. A dog breeder website is not to sell puppies from. By creating the website you will get genuine puppy enquiries and will sell your litter of puppies. But you don’t sell puppies directly off a dog breeder website, there is a big difference.

Reputable dog breeders

Reputable dog breeders will not sell a puppy to anyone until the potential puppy buyer has met the dog breeder and the adult dogs in person. This is to make sure that their puppies from a litter are going to the right homes. Which is exactly how dog breeders have worked for years, well before the internet.

Kennel name

Around the years 2008 / 2009 a few pet dog breeders decided that the internet was a good place to start selling their puppies. The dog show exhibitors and breeders of quality pedigree dogs realised this. They also realised that the ‘pet dog breeders’ with no Affix or Kennel name, were selling either unregistered puppies or puppies with no breed health tests at full price through flashy dog breeder website design.

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Creating a dog breeding website

A lot of reputable dog breeders around 2008, 2009 and 2010 got a dog breeder website of some kind made. You can easily see this was the starting point as all the reputable dog breeders news pages start around those years.

Dog breeder website builder

Web designers twigged on to this creating the dog breeder website template and the dog breeder WordPress Theme. The problem then and more now is the web designers of today clearly have never bred and sold a puppy. All the dog breeder website templates you will find online are geared up for the commercial dog breeder in mind. Missing the point that you are not selling a puppy directly off the website. Which is why reputable dog breeders create their own dog breeder website or have one made geared up towards the way they sell puppies.

Divi WordPress Theme

Dog breeder WordPress Theme

WordPress as a website platform is not for beginners, but you can learn if you have time. If you want a dog breeding WordPress Theme the Divi WordPress Theme is a great platform for a flashy dog website. Although it is really not required for dog breeders needing a simple platform.

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Divi dog breeder

Divi is a very, very good WordPress Theme for dog breeders with lots of pre-made website templates to work from. Unfortunately Divi has created the worst ever dog breeder website template I have ever seen which is a shame. As Divi is such a good WordPress Theme and page builder. But the idea with Divi is that you create your own design and website templates. Which is easy to do if you’re used to WordPress and making websites. 

Easy to build website builder for dogs

I use a photography website for my dog breeder website design. I’ve used WordPress in the past but find SmugMug dead easy to use, and works the best for my dogs website. As well as needing to create an online presence and point of contact for previous puppy owners. A SmugMug website is built for you to show off with. Which works best as show dog web design. Because a show dog website and a good dog breeder website is all about showing off the dogs and puppies with photos. Photos of what to expect from the kennel of dogs

It really is that simple but it works for all the reputable dog breeders.

My English Setter puppy has been reared on Purina Pro Plan and looks fantastic, I am looking forward to getting him in the show ring. Rebecca Goutorbe Redhara Setters

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It is really easy to build a dog breeder website. 
You don't need to go looking for a dog breeder WordPress Theme, dog breeder page builder or dog breeding website template.
The best dog breeder website builder is SmugMug which I use. You don't need codes or any website experience to create a stunning website with SmugMug. 
Take a look at my FREE GUIDE How to build a dog breeder website there is discount off SmugMug there too >>>

Yes I think dog breeders should have a website.
Even if it is just a one page website to get contact details and photos of the dogs online. This will at least show potential puppy owners what to expect from the breeder.

Yes just follow the free guide for how to build a dog breeder website. It will work exactly the same. 


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