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How to customise a SmugMug website

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By customising SmugMug you can create your very own stunning photo website easily with on codes. You can change the colour or the ‘Theme’ of the website, the layout, the style of text and more. If you have the Power, Portfolio or the Pro SmugMug account you can use one of the easy customisable templates. There are over 21 different template designs to choose from and each one can be customised to suit your needs. 

SmugMug customise panel

If you are at the dashboard of SmugMug where all your photo galleries are, to get to the customise panel click on Photo Site, in the top bar. This will take you to the front of the website which is what is seen online. Once at the front of the website, in the top right hand corner you need to click CUSTOMIZE  to get to the customise panel. Here is where you need to be to change the look, design and layout of the website.

Set Up Guide SmugMug website
smugmug template
customise panel smugmug

The customise panel on the left hand side of the website is where the controls are to change everything on the page which you are on, on the website.
You can add Content blocks like photos, text, titles, navigation menu, buttons and more from here.
The colours of the website can be customised from the Theme button and you can also go into the advance theme settings to change the style of text and more.
The Background of the website can be changed here, you can choose to use a photo or video as the background to the website.
The Layout of the website can be customised from a fixed layout to stretchy layout. Which is similar to a boxed or a full width layout a in WordPress website. Also in the layout section you can customise the margins which is the space down the sides of the page, or add a side bar. 
All these customising tools within the SmugMug customiser can used in the folders and galleries too to create your own completely unique site.

Change SmugMug Theme

To theme allows you to control the backgrounds, colour and fonts to the photo website. The button to change the theme is in the top bar next to Customize which is called THEME.
Once you bring up the theme customising box, you will have a choice from the available themes.  The themes control the colour of the background of the website in this box. In the square shown next to the name of the theme in the list there are two colours to each theme. The biggest colour in the square is what the main website colour will be. The smaller colour is what the accent colour will be. The accent colour, to keep it simple is basically what the colour of your buttons are going to be, the accent colour needs to stand out.  

SmugMug Theme

Change SmugMug Template

With the Power, Portfolio or Pro account  you can use one of the easy customisable SmugMug templates. There are over 21 templates to choose from. To get to the templates you need to be on the home page of your website (the front page), then in the top right corner there are 3 dots in vertical line. Click the dots for the drop down menu, then NEW SITE DESIGN
 You can choose any of the templates to work from, they can all be customised easily to suit your needs and create a stunning photography website.
Once you have chosen a template you like click to preview the design, then click choose this design. Next, click to publish the design or customise to customise the design of the template

Customise a SmugMug website template

It is really easy to customise a SmugMug website. Take a look at the video which shows you how easy it is to choose a SmugMug template, how to change the layout of the SmugMug template Arrow. How to remove the SmugMug branding from the top of the website and how to add a new web page. You can add as many pages to your SmugMug website as you like. 

SmugMug Set Up Guide For Beginners

A step by step guide for beginners to set up a SmugMug photo website

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