Cheapest Photography Website From SmugMug

The Basic Plan

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The cheapest photography website plan from the four plans available with SmugMug is the Basic plan. 
This plan is aimed at photographer’s and videographer’s who want to securely store a large amount of photo’s and video’s online. 
Taking advantage of the unlimited cloud storage for photo’s and video’s.

File types SmugMug

SmugMug Source

Raw files, Tiff’s & PSD’s  can now be stored too with SmugMug Source.
This is an ‘add on’ to your existing SmugMug account. 

Free App's

Use the free apps from SmugMug for automatic uploading into the SmugMug galleries.
There is also a free mobile phone app to backup all your mobile phone photo’s and video’s.

Photography website

With the Basic plan you also get a one page website to display your photography portfolio online. 
There is no photography website templates to work from with the Basic plan. But just use the SmugMug website builder to create a photo grid website for your photography portfolio. 
Watch the video above to see how to easily it is to create a photo grid website in minutes  >>

Check out the difference’s below between the other SmugMug plans.

How to build a SmugMug Website >>>

Step by step guide how to build a photography portfolio website using a SmugMug template 

how to build a photographers portfolio website
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