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Cheap Puppies For Sale UK  All Breeds, Cross Breeds.
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Don’t get scammed by puppy farmers.

2020 was not the year for cheap puppies for sale in the UK. More like 2020 time to cash in on the dog and it’s not stopped. 
Thinking of buying a puppy save hundreds even thousands of pounds.
Save yourself the heartache and read this post before you buy a puppy.  

I am Rebecca, I own dogs, groom dogs, photograph, show and have bred dogs,.
What has happened in the last 18 months within the world of dogs and breeding. 

Puppy Farmers

The good breeders held off breeding due to Covid-19 and then the ‘Greeders’ arrived.
Stay at home, buy online, left it wide open for the puppy farmers to take advantage.
£4,000 for a puppy!!! are you joking me. But people were and are paying it. Why??
There are a lot of good breeders out there don’t get caught out by the puppy farmers.
Take a look at the Government campaign video 

Thinking about buying a puppy UK

I’m going to try answer questions which I think people are asking and searching for online.
Questions which look like people are confused about when thinking about buying a puppy.
It’s a mine field out there for a puppy buyer.
There are also links to helpful information for buying a puppy.  
Some of the answers to the questions are my own opinion.
Take the blog post as you will.
If it stops a few people being ripped off or even worse, paying out and ending up with no pup. Then it was worth answering the questions and writing this.

Is it safe to buy a puppy online?

Do not buy a puppy online or pay online for a puppy.
No it’s not safe to buy a puppy online in the UK. 
You should not buy a puppy online. 
Use websites for research into the type of dog you would like to own.
Use the internet to find reputable dog breeders to make contact with.
Buy everything you need for a puppy online but don’t buy the pup online.

What to do when looking to buy a puppy

Decide which breed of dog would suit your lifestyle.
Plan when you would like a dog.
Find a reputable dog breeder for the breed of dog you would like. 
Make contact with breeders of the the breed of dog. 
Join the reputable dog breeders puppy waiting list and wait for the right puppy.

Don't want a pedigree dog take a look at the animal shelters

Dog shelters are full of Cross Breeds and sometimes pedigree dogs. They have been for years.
Animal shelter charities struggled through 2020 with not being able to hold charity fund raising events. 
There are different reasons why dogs end up in shelters through usually no fault of their own. 
A small donation is usually required to rehome a dog from a shelter and the dog will also be neutered.  
£2,000 £3,000 £4,000 for a Cross bred dog will go a long way towards a dog shelter’s monthly outgoings. If that price is what you are prepared to pay for one, donate it and rehome a dog at the same time. 
Dogs Trust
Blue Cross
Battersea Dogs Home
There will a be privately run local dog shelter near you too
Derbyshire – Ashbourne Animal Welfare 

How can I get a cheap puppy?

If your asking this question how can I get a cheap puppy?
There is no such thing as a cheap puppy. Puppies cost money to purchase, money to feed, money for regular grooming there are vets fees, boarding fees when you want a holiday. 
If you find someone selling a puppy for not a lot of money compared to others breeders with the same type of puppy there will be a reason. 
The puppy or puppies may be stolen or coming from a puppy farm if you suspect this here are the links
Lost Dogs  

If you are looking for a dog which will not cost as much to buy again look at the animal shelters.

How do I buy a puppy online without being scammed?

Do not buy a puppy online in the UK or have a puppy from any other country shipped into the UK. 
It will be a scam. Do not buy or pay anything for a puppy online.
Visit the dog breeders first.
Meet the puppy and the Mother to the puppy.
Go to the dog breeders home before you pay anything for a puppy. 
Take a look at the above questions on this page click here >> 
For more information visit

How do you know if a dog breeder is reputable?

In short a reputable dog breeder will not take any money for a puppy until they have met you. 
The reputable breeder will want to know who you are and where the puppy is going.
Reputable breeders will want to know what you want the puppy for.
Reputable dog breeders will want to know a lot before they even meet you. 
The reputable dog breeder will make sure all the relevant breed health tests have been carried out on the parents to the puppy. 
This will reflect on the reputable breeders website.
To buy a puppy from a reputable dog breeder you will usually have to join a waiting list. This is nothing new!!!
Joining a waiting list for a reputable dog breeders puppy is common practice which has happened for years and years.
If dog breeder breeds good quality stock there is high demand for them. Nothing new has changed there.  

How to spot a puppy farmer

The puppy farmer just wants the money. 
A puppy farmer is not bothered who has the puppy.
The puppy farmer does not care if the home and garden for the puppy is unsuitable. 
Puppy farmers usually go with breed trends. If a breed of dog is popular the puppy farmer will follow the trend to cash in.
Puppy farmers come in shapes and sizes don’t be fooled. 

Pay per click ad's

Professional Puppy farmers use good quality photos in ad’s.
Stock photos to draw attention. Stock photos are bought and paid for photos. They are not their dog or puppy on the photos which are used in the ad’s.
They also use google pay per click ad’s to get their puppy adverts or website address in front you.
Pay per click adverts appear online right in front of you at the top of the page with AD in a little box next to the website link description. They know what you are searching online for and appear right in front of you to easily click. By clicking on the AD you are straight into their websites to be fooled. 
The paid Ad’s also appear on other websites like Youtube and through your Facebook messenger.

Any decent dog breeder in their right mind would not be using google Ad’s to sell their puppies.
The only reason they use the Ad’s is because they can’t sell the pups any other way. 
A great article from the RSPCA >> How to spot puppy farmers adverts

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