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What is Boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is a photo shoot where you can wear lingerie, sexy outfits, casual clothes, jeans, loose fitting clothes or dresses. Add in high heels, stiletto shoes and accessories. A Boudoir photo shoot is about you and how amazing you are. 

What is the point of Boudoir photography?

The point to boudoir photography is to celebrate how amazing your are whatever your size or shape. The photo shoot will give a confidence boost. 
When you turn a certain age 40, 50, 60 this can be the ideal time to get a Boudoir photo shoot. Some ladies will get a Boudoir photo shoot done as a surprise present for their Husband.
There are lots of reasons to get a Boudoir photo shoot, do you need a reason to feel good about yourself?  

Types of Boudoir photography?

fifty shades of grey photo shoot

What can you do with Boudoir photo's

Just like any other photo’s Boudoir photo’s can be displayed as wall art, prints can be ordered, digital images can be purchased and the photo’s can be presented in a photo album.  

How to choose a Boudoir photographer

The best way to choose a Boudoir photographer is to take a look at Boudoir photographers websites. Check out their social media pages and the reviews.
Look at the different styles of Boudoir photography which you prefer and would like to be created.

I know of a few amazing Boudoir photographers through the Guild Of Photographers and they have to use models for their photography portfolio.
This is because they respect their clients privacy. The photographers create stunning Boudoir images for clients, but the clients do not want anyone to see the images because they are their private images.
Therefore Boudoir photographers sometimes have to use models for their Boudoir website. 

You will usually find too that Boudoir photographers are also children and family photographers, Wedding photographers, fashion photographers, or other types of photographers. But the Boudoir photography is usually on a different website to the other type of photography services they offer.  

Best website builder for Boudoir photography

The best website builder for Boudoir photography with all those private intimate images which need securely storing is SmugMug
SmugMug offer secure unlisted password protected online photo galleries. 
The following below is taken from a SmugMug blog post – 

Set galleries and folders to Unlisted. Unlisted means means no one can see them unless they have somehow been given a link. They cannot guess the link because it has a random string added to its URL. The combination of strong password + Unlisted is extremely secure.

You can create a stunning photography website with SmugMug either use one of their free templates or build your own unique website with no codes required. Also you can store, share and sell images online with SmugMug and get set up selling in under 15 minutes. 
You can try SmugMug FREE for 14 days and save 15% off any new plan with this link >>>

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