Best Secure Photo Backup For Photographers

What is the best secure backup for photos?

By Rebecca Goutorbe

Disclaimer – This website contains affiliate links to the products and services SmugMug offer, you won’t pay any more for the products or services they offer but I may get a commission Thank you  

The best secure photo backup for photographers has to be the basic plan from SmugMug.
SmugMug have 4 plans in total.

The Basic Plan

The Power Plan

The Portfolio Plan

The Pro Plan

With all 4 plans from SmugMug you receive the best secure photo backup, plus lots of other benefits . Take a look at the list below which explains what comes as standard with basic plan. Once you have the basic plan with SmugMug if you decide you would like to add a custom domain name, build a website using one of the SmugMug templates, or start selling images and prints online. Just upgrade your plan it’s that simple. 


SmugMug Source

Raw file storage

Raw file storage, easily store all you raw files online with SmugMug Source 
Find out more >>>

SmugMug basic plan

Unlimited photo uploads

 Unlimited photo uploads is exactly what it says. An unlimited amount of photos can be uploaded. Secure unlimited photo and video storage with no compression. What you upload and store you can download exactly the same file size. Use the free apps to automatically upload straight from Lightroom. Have access to all your stored photos via your mobile phone, automatically upload from your phone too.
The file types you can upload are Jpeg, PNG and GIF 

Creative assets

The secure unlimited storage is perfect for creatives as well. Creative assets for photoshop like image overlays can be uploaded too.
As long as the creative asset is a Jpeg, PNG or GIF file the unlimited photo storage is an ideal place for storing all these files. You can collect a lot of assets along the way which together can take up a lot of storage space.
Use SmugMug to store all your creative photoshop assets. Overlays, textured backgrounds for studio work, autumn leaves for outdoor photography, bubble overlays for newborn photography, sky overlays, snow, bokeh the list is endless. 

Easy drag and drop organisation

It is so easy to get organised within your storage area with Smugmug. 
You can create as many galleries as you like to store your photos. Then easily create folders for the galleries to live in, or keep them separate the choice is yours. Add a photo to each gallery cover for easy identification. It’s really simple to drag, drop and move photos from one gallery to another or collect photos to another gallery. When you collect a photo into another gallery you are easily just duplicating the photo and adding it to another gallery. 
Click on any photo and use the editor to crop, add filters or text to an image.   

Full screen galleries

View all your stored photos in full screen organised galleries. 

Password-protect folders, galleries and pages

Easily password protect all folders, galleries and pages within your SmugMug account with just the switch of a button. Keeping your photos safe and secure.

Order prints from the high quality professional photographic labs

SmugMug use the leading award winning professional print labs including Loxley colour and Bayphoto. Order prints and photo gifts straight from your galleries. 

Allow family and friends to order prints and gifts directly from your site

Send your family and friends a link to one of your secure password protected galleries and they too can order prints and gifts. You need the Porfolio or Pro account with SmugMug to start selling your photos online at your own price. Just upgrade your storage account to unlock the selling tools. There’s no need to build an online shop to start selling images online.

Your own customisable website

Just use the basic plan with SmugMug for secure photo backup and change the main settings to full lockdown. Or take advantage of the website available within the plan. Easily build a customisable website or a stunning portfolio for your images with no codes required. 

Great value photo backup

It is important to protect and securely store your photos as a photographer.
The SmugMug secure backup really is a great value product, it’s cheaper than photo storage with Dropbox, Google Photos, Amazon or Apple photos.
SmugMug don’t have a free plan but you can try SmugMug free for 14 days  Take a look at my review and see how I have used and still use SmugMug today. 

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