Are you the best loser at dog shows?

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It's only a dog show!

Don’t throw the dummy out the pram if you don’t win with your dog at a dog show. No-one likes being at the end of the line with their dog. But you can become the best loser at dog shows if you learn how to play the game. Congratulate the winners even if the winners are not your type of dog. Laugh if you don’t win (not in the ring). I’ve been thrown out of classes (not placed) with Show Champions before. Wash the dog blanket and wait for the next show.

Bad loser
handling your dog at dog shows

I’ve seen, not in my breed but other breeds well known exhibitors demanding an explanation as to why their dog didn’t get the CC on the day. Acting like that is no way to conduct yourself at a dog show. That is just a bad loser and not fair on the judge.  The judge can report you to the Kennel Club for that one too if they want.

New to dog showing

Newcomers give up way too easily at dog shows. Some will wait months to go to their first show and if they don’t win they never come back. Which is frustrating to see when they have been given a really nice show quality puppy to start showing with.

Watch your class

Watch all the dogs go in your class and judge them honestly and ask yourself

are you the best loser at dog shows

Judge your own dog and work out what you need to work on.

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Showing a pet quality dog at a show

Showing a pet dog or a mediocre dog will do you good in the long run as it teaches you how to become the best loser at dog shows. Understand that no dog is perfect, even the best show dogs will have a fault of some kind. Knowing what is wrong with your dog and understanding why it doesn’t win will set you miles ahead for when you get a good dog in your hands. A very good handler can take a mediocre dog in the ring and win big. Whereas a novice or poor handler can take a Show Champion in the ring and make it look like a pet dog. At some point every dog will have it’s day at a show.

are you the best loser at dog shows

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