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photography gifts

In the list below are some of the best gifts for photographers at affordable prices. 

Photography magazine subscription

A great gift for a photographer is a photography magazine yearly subscription. 
There are plenty of photography magazines out there to choose from but this gift will last all year. Usually packed with photography tips and tricks too.
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A tripod is always dead handy for a photographer.
It is always worth having more than one tripod too so you can leave one in the car just in case. 
There are so many different types to choose from but you won’t go far wrong buying a photographer a Manfrotto tripod. The action tripod is great for videoing and light weight enough for travel photographers. There are over 300 Manfrotto tripods to choose from at Wex Photographic which is trusted photography supplies in the UK.


Buying a photographer photography lighting as a gift. You will need an idea of what type of lighting.
Because there are loads of different types, 

Also there are lots accessories for lighting to choose from these can all be purchased at Wex too. 
A great camera lighting stocking filler idea for a photographer is a head torch.
They are cheap enough and really essential when it comes to bonfire night or New Years Eve when photographing fire works. Ok you don’t need the head light to light the fireworks. But you need it to see your camera settings and so you can see where to plug in your cable release. A really handy gift for a photographer.

Camera bag

Another from the list of best gifts for photographers is a camera bag
Do they already one? 
I have about 8 camera bags, I have more camera bags than I do hand bags lol. 
There is always room for another camera bag, big one, small one, one for accessories, filter bag then a posh camera bag. You get the idea, if you buy a camera bag as a gift it should be greatly received from a photographer.  

Adobe creative cloud

The adobe creative cloud would be a brilliant gift. But you might want to check if the photographer you are buying for already has the adobe creative cloud or not. 
You don’t need to buy the whole adobe suite, with all the apps. Just the adobe creative cloud photography plan is enough for most photographers.  

Photography organisation membership

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to join a photography organisation. 
The Guild of Photographers is great photography organisation to be part of.
You get discounts off their trade partners, enter photo competitions and more. 
I have a 10% discount off the Guild of Photographers which you can use here >>>
Another great gift for a photographer. 

Wacom tablet

A Wacom tablet is used by photographers for photo editing.
A really useful tool for a photographer and will make as a really nice gift idea.

Gift cards

Gifts cards work well and sell well. But if you are stuck on ideas for the perfect gift for a photographer then a gift card could work.  
An Amazon Gift Card 
might be what your looking for, what don’t Amazon sell???   

Photo storage

The best gift idea for a photographer is photo storage. What better than unlimited photo storage. Secure cloud photo storage to keep all those photos they take safe. 
Hard drives and USB’s don’t last forever but with SmugMug they offer unlimited photo storage with every plan. This has to be the best gift for a photographer.
The basic plan is the cheapest at a stocking filler price and I have a discount off new SmugMug accounts too.
Just write the account email and password in a greeting card and the photographer can easily change the details when they receive the gift.

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