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5 of the best event photography portfolio website templates. An event photography website is what I use for the Gundog event photography with the Kennel Club and client photo shoots. 

Using a Client gallery photography website always makes being an event and Fieldsports photographer so much easier. A quick and easy way to get all the images from an event online for everyone to view and purchase. 

Best website for selling photography

There are 26 photography portfolio website templates from SmugMug to choose from and they all work exactly the same way. Here are my top 5 best event photography website designs for event photographers.


Website template for Wedding Photographers

Zoe is a perfect website template for Wedding photographers, the content block GALLERIES is already on the template. Your Wedding photography is secure and safe online in the SmugMug galleries. Also the galleries can be shared on a unlisted link. So only anyone with the link can view the photo’s and you can set a password too.

Raw file storage

Within the SmugMug galleries you can also upload and store Raw files and PSD’s which is great just upload the raw files from the Wedding you photograph straight from your memory card. Great if your a second shooter at a Wedding, upload your Raw files and share the gallery online.  There are free apps too for automatic uploading and a free Lightroom plugin for SmugMug. It’s a photographers website. 


The photography portfolio website template Sierra is great for beginner event photographers. This is because you only need one image to get started with the template. So if you have never photographed an event but want your event photography website ready this is your template. To change the photo 

That’s how easy the event photography website builder is to use. Sierra template is one of the most popular SmugMug templates because your images are displayed at the maximum full screen size.


The event photography website template Shadow displays your event photo galleries in folders on the template within the content block FOLDERS, GALLERIES & PAGES. The photo size within the content block is set to large. To change the settings on the content block so your photo galleries are on the template instead of your folders go to 

By displaying your event photography photo galleries straight on the website template. You can sell your event photography right from your website homepage. Once a visitor to the website clicks on a gallery they can view and purchase your event photography easily. 


Cosmo is a photo grid website template style but with the same content block as Shadow above. The settings within the content block for the photo aspect ratio is 1:1 which gives the photo grid effect. Just follow the steps above if want your event photography galleries in place on the homepage. Cosmo is a really smart looking event photography website design, ideal if you have large event photography portfolio you need to display online within photo sharing website templates.


I use the Pro account from SmugMug for selling dog and event photography. Duke is the photography portfolio website template which I use for my event photography and I use this template as my dog breeder website template. The colours of the template work best for me but can be changed. For displaying your photography online the colours of the website should be plain so your images stand out. On the Duke template there is content block multiple photos which can be changed to a number of different combinations to create exactly the right photo grid layout for your event photography portfolio. 

Event photography website builder

If you want your event photography photo galleries on the homepage, then just remove the content block which is already there. Then just drag and drop from the photography website builder at the side onto the template what content blocks you do want. It is really easy to use and the photography website templates all work the same way.

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